Members of the Local 4 family salute their mom's in celebration of Mother's Day.

Guy Gordon

My mother has so many fine virtues, but the one I'll forever be thankful to her for is her un-ceasing curiosity.  She was forever finding fun new things to do and read when I was a child.  She nurtured that same sense of insatiable curiosity in me--a vital ingredient in any reporter.

She also had a limitless capacity for spending time with me:  lunches in the park, trips to the library and museum, and an ability to make the most commonplace moments fun and funny.   I'm so lucky to still have her in my life.  She's a wonderful friend to my wife and a silly Grammy to my children.  Bless you, Mom.

Karen Drew

Oh, I could go on and on on why my mom is so special to me.  She truly showed and continues to show me love, support, guidance, and encouragement.   I got my self confidence from my mother who made me believe I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to accomplish.   I always knew she was my safety net and always knew her love would protect me.   On top of that I have had so many FUN times with my mom … from shopping trips, to visits to the theatre, to traveling, to late night talks she has always been my rock.  

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Ashlee Baracy

When I think of my mother I think of love in its truest form. My parents’ marriage exemplifies the type of love I hope to find and my mothers’ love for me is greater than words can describe. I can only hope to be half the woman she is someday. My mom’s heart is incredibly big and she wears it on her sleeve; befriending everyone she meets. She is my inspiration, role model and best friend. To be honest, I envy her patience and I know I don’t tell her nearly enough how wonderful she is. Her inner beauty radiates and although I may not always show it, I do not take our relationship for granted. She is the first person I want to share my successes with and the first person I turn to for a hug when I fall short. Through good times and bad, I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She gave me life and life’s greatest gift, love.

Andrew Humphrey

My mom is my inspiration and guiding light. She encouraged me to do what I love in life, which is why I become a meteorologist. I discovered my passion for weather and helping people with her full, infinite support. I love her more than words can describe. Happy Mothers' Day!

Paul Gross

My mother, Marion Gross, is someone who all of siblings and friends...all looked up to.  Until around age 12, that is.  You see, my mom is 4'10", and she was the measuring stick for all of us!  Being taller than an adult is always a big deal for a kid, and Mom was always the first one.  She accepted the height jokes with her usual good cheer and effervescent smile; even the "shrimp" jokes!  Now that my two sons have grown taller than Grandma Marion, she's sitting back waiting to spoil some great-grandchildren...and watch them grow!  Happy Mother's Day to my favorite little shrimp.  I love you, Mom!

Mara MacDonald

Everyone falls in love with my mom from the guy behind the meat counter to any number of high powered executives. It's simple, she is everything that is gracious, kind and above all, fun. This is the woman who told me to "make no small plans" from a very young age. Who emphasized that anyone could be pretty but being smart was better by far. My earliest memories are of the two of us perched in an Eames chair, reading stories. It's why I'm a voracious reader today.  When I told my parents that I wanted a career in TV post college she looked at me and told me to go for it and to have no fear. "You get out of life what you're willing to settle for", she said. She's right. Today the two of us have a great time whether we're at the grocery store or off on a trip someplace fabulous. Although I do blame her for one thing: I was always spiffed up as a child, today that's translated to a love of shoes and handbags that may be a tad excessive. I tell myself it's ok, though, because we share.

Chauncy Glover

I'm 27 years old and I'm not ashamed to admit, my mom is one of my best friends! We talk at least four times a day--everyday.This woman! She still sends me care packages with all my favorite things in them. She makes the best sweet potato pie in the world! And she is as sweet as the pie! This woman!! She's my number one fan!! She watches ALL of my news reports. She tells me when she doesn't like my tie! This woman! She prays for me everyday. I can't remember a day going by without hearing her say,"I love you Chauncy." When my brother died--she held me and I held her. Just last month, we wiped each others tears away! She's soooo kind and thoughtful. She's stern and strict, yet so gentle. My dad calls her quiet strength a blessing to the family. This woman!! She makes me think! She keeps me laughing. Unlike ex- girlfriend's, this woman gets me! And loves me no matter what!! This woman! This woman! My dear mother Sherry!!Ji

Jamie Edmonds

My mom, Harriet, is one of the sweetest people I know. She would do anything for anyone and she’s done so much for me. She was the mom in the classroom with treats for my birthdays, or the parent chaperone for class field trips. She was the mom who went shopping with me for dresses for high school dances and was always there for me to talk when I needed to. 

Now that I’m grown up and living away from home, she’s still there for me for whatever I need and we talk almost every day. I want to thank my mom for everything she’s done and tell her how much I appreciate it. Love you, mom!

Lauren Podell

My mother, Sue Podell, has always been my best friend. As an only child, she was (and still is) that "girlfriend" I confide in, shop with and of course learn from. My mom is the rock of our family - holds everything together, always balancing what life throws at her with ease. That strength is something I've always admired and strive to do in my life.

She's taught me everything: how to have a thick skin, how to pick out the perfect gift for someone, what it takes to be a good wife and that you always know a good restaurant by their salad :)

My favorite memories with my mom are from when we planned my wedding. Those are moments I will never forget. She is the reason, I hope one day, to have a daughter of my own so I can have the same bond and special friendship that I cherish so much with my mom.

Rod Meloni