Glen advice to other parents is to let their children take the lead in the application process, but still check in to make sure they are meeting their deadlines.  She also said parents should let their children enjoy their high school experience.

"Let them do it because I think what's happening is there's been a lot of focus, and its just our culture now, is the drive to where you're going to get in, and in a lot of communities that's the big piece of it as opposed to enjoying the high school experience for, in and of itself," said Glen.

The application process can create stress on the relationship between parents and students.

Bullis recommends parents get together with their teen once a week to make sure they're on track with meeting deadlines.

"We found that parents that say 'You know what, Wednesday lets grab a pizza, lets sit down, lets talk about college. It's the only time I promise I'll talk to you about college,  but I just want to check in,' seems to work really well for parents," said Bullis.

Experts also stress students and their families tour colleges to help find the right fit because all schools look great online but students might discover what they like better while being on campus.

"In choosing a college, you really want your child to be in a place where your child will have success and you want them to be in a place where they are safe, where they are happy and they are healthy and I think that is ultimately the goal for our family that our kids will be successful," said Glen.