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Roger Weber and his father-in-law, Stan Krajewski

The man Roger Weber calls "Dad"

His father passed away when he was a small child, but Roger Weber gained a new father through marriage ...

Celebrating Local 4's favorite dads

Members of the Local 4 family salute their dads in celebration of Father's Day ...

Share worst Father's Day gifts

Are you one of those people who struggle to find the perfect gift for...

father's day gift

iStock / elvinstar

Must see Father's Day gift ideas: Includes a slideshow

Gift ideas for every kind of dad....

Last minute Father's Day gift ideas

Gift ideas for every kind of dad....


vintage car interior with bench seats


Motor Muster weekend at Greenfield Village

Dad can cruise down memory lane this Father's day weekend ...

Steve Garagiola: Father's Day was always a little different

For me, Father’s Day with my dad was a little different than what you might expect in a typical family. Growing up in New York, we...

Devin Scillian's father, Billie Hugh Scillian

Devin Scillian: My father taught me about honor,...

Billie Hugh Scillian wasn't born in a hospital; he was born in a small house in Lyon County, Kentucky ...

Guy Gordon: My father always believes in me

No matter how many times the ball sailed over my father's head and into the street ...

Lauren Podell and Father, Doug Podell

Lauren Podell: My dad knows how to put a smile on...

My dad knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face, including mine and he’s been doing it for 27 years.  

Ruth Spencer's dad, Roy Spencer

Ruth Spencer: My father was extremely patriotic

Here’s a photo of my father, Roy Spencer, when he was in Navy boot camp in his hometown of...

Shawn Ley and Son

Sandra Ali: My husband Shawn Ley is a great father

My husband Shawn who you see every morning on Local 4 News Morning is truly a special Dad ...

Send us your Father's Day pictures

Send us your Father's Day pictures!

Brandon Roux with his dad Frank George Roux, Jr.

Brandon Roux: What I learned from my dad

My dad is Frank George Roux Jr. and he is the best! He has done what all good fathers do. He taught...

Rhonda Walker: 'I am a proud daddy's girl'

I am a confessed and proud daddy’s girl and I have been my entire life.  My father, Dr. Ronald Gillum just celebrated his...

Jim Kiertzner: Thanks dad!

My father passed away some 20 years ago, but I’ll always remember how proud he was...

Ashlee Baracy: 'My dad holds a special place in my heart'

My dad has such a special place in my heart for so many reasons. When I was a little girl, he would...

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