The land is now known as the George and Barbara Gordon Biological Station, a real-world laboratory for budding scientists from Hillsdale College.

Then he un-retired.

At the age of 87, he still gets high on the pursuit of petroleum. 

This month he’s putting together another prospect for development.

He and my mother are both news nerds who get revved up about every issue. 

I didn’t get the major league talent, the athletic gifts, the enviable golf handicap, and I never even came close to besting him in any sport until, time and mileage evened the playing field.

What I did get was a gift I cherish to this day. 

He believed.  

In spite of my shortcomings, he believed I could become a pitcher.  

He always saw potential, not risk of failure. 

And when my love for news and writing led me to make a Hail Mary pass at a career in broadcast journalism, his belief was greater than my own. 

My father and I have played on several Fields of Dreams, and I’ve cherished every one. 

He’s still my best pal and if I’m half the Dad he’s been, my kids will be okay too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a ball to fetch.