Michael Knight

• Certified Personal Trainer
• Director of Train at Mike Knight’s Art of Strength
• Personally trained prominent names in the area, such as Kris Draper, Steve Yzerman and Chris Hemsworth, actor who plays “Thor”


At the age of 36, Micheal Knight was given a life-changing ultimatum by his doctor: “Change, or you’ll die.”

Knight, at that time, was over 100 pounds overweight — his heart was clogged with fat, blood pressure dangerously high and at risk of becoming diabetic any day. Having lived in denial until then, Knight forced himself to take control.

Knight was helped along by a friend, a personal trainer, who trained with Knight everyday for 16 months until Knight was down to a healthy weight. His experience brought Knight a renewed interest and passion for personal wellness and fitness and soon became a trainer himself and taking on his own students.

Now, for more than a decade, Knight has built a reputation for himself as being the trainer to turn to when you’re serious about getting into shape. When Knight works with his clients, he does so with his mind, heart and soul and goes beyond to educate his clients on how a proper diet and exercise plan alters the way one sees the world and the way the world sees them.

Mike is the co-owner of Mike Knight’s Art of Strength, with locations in West Bloomfield and Birmingham. He has trained professional athletes and housewives, CEOs and college students. You can contact him at info@aoskettlebells.com or by visiting aoskettlebells.com.