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Booming beer business boosts Michigan

Michigan has reason to give a big cheer to its beer industry because it is generating billions.


Tasty Tuesday: Wally's frozen custard

This east side establishment is known for its custard and coffee creations.


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FDA bans some cilantro from Mexico

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a ban on some cilantro imported from Mexico after an investigation to determine the cause of hundreds of reported intestinal illnesses in the United States dating back to 2012.


The leading sources of food poisoning

There are an estimated 76 million cases of food poisoning in the United States every year. A small fraction of these illnesses lead to hospitalization and death, but the vast majority usually just lead to a wretched day on the toilet.


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Burger King winning burger wars thanks to chicken fries

Maybe life at McDonald's would be less depressing if it had invented chicken fries.


Things you might not know about farmers markets

It's that time of year where plants are sprouting and crops are producing fruit. If you appreciate fresh produce but don't have a green thumb, skip the grocery store aisle and stop by your local farmers market.


Attorney quits job, opens brewery in Marysville

The craft beer business is booming in Michigan and another brewery is set to open its doors in August.


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40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without

Small eats, and a lot of them, are the big thing in Taiwan.

Recently voted by our readers as the best food destination in the world, the culinary philosophy here is eat often and eat well.


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America celebrates National Hot Dog Day

Hot diggity dog! July is National Hot Dog Month and July 23 is National Hot Dog Day.


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