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From Starbucks via CNN

The annual pumpkin spice onslaught is here

Here's your forecast for fall: cooler, with a 100% chance of pumpkin spice.

Kellogg's is the latest to jump on the bandwagon started by Starbucks and its pumpkin spice latte way back in 2003, splashing its popular Mini-Wheats cereal with pumpkin…


Acai bowls are new breakfast fad

Acai bowls are the newest breakfast craze, but are they as healthy as they claim?


Back to school: Recipes for healthy lunches

Local 4 helps you make some healthy lunch foods for the start of the new school year.


Trump says he won't eat Oreos after production moves to...

Donald Trump says he will stop eating Oreo cookies after its parent company announced it was closing a factory in Chicago and moving it to Mexico.


Burger King to McDonald's: Let's make a McWhopper

This probably isn't what the United Nations had in mind when it established the International Day of Peace: Burger King is asking McDonald's to join forces to create a "McWhopper."


Scott Barbour/Getty Images

'Just Mayo' not actually mayo, says FDA

What makes mayonnaise mayonnaise? Is it the white coloring? The thick paste-like consistency? A bland taste that nicely complements a turkey sandwich?

According to the FDA, the answer is: eggs.

The FDA has issued a warning to Hampton Creek Foods…


Tasty Tuesday: Pasta Bowl

This new restaurant in a Detroit neighborhood is headed by a chef who is a sauce specialist.


Live in the D: New trend of hard root beer

Like root beer? Like beer? This is for you.


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