Bell Pepper and Tomato Relish


2 cup                  Mixed bell peppers, small dice

2 cup                  Tomatoes, small dice

1/2 cup                  Minced Green onions

1 clove                Garlic, minced

2 Tbls.                Fresh basil pesto

2/3 cup                  Olive oil

1/3 cup                  Balsamic Vinegar

As needed                   Salt and pepper to taste



Mix all ingredients together, allow flavors to develop overnight.

Serve chilled on warm toasted crostini or serve warm on the chicken and pesto pasta as well as the portabella mushrooms.

Meatball Recipe


1 pound              Ground beef or turkey

1 pound              Ground pork shoulder

2 each                 Whole eggs

5 ounces             Milk

½ cup                  Grated parmesan cheese

1  cup                  Breadcrumbs

2  Tbls.                Fresh chopped parsley

2  teas.                 Salt

2  teas.                 Pepper