as needed                    Salt and Pepper to taste

Few Dashes                 Lee and Perrins Worcestershire sauce

Few Dashes                 Tabasco sauce

1 Tbs                  Caraway seeds, roasted and ground


Garnish  Avocado balls, celery hearts or cucumber sorbet with cilantro



Mix all soup ingredients thoroughly and chill. Garnish appropriately.


Chilled Tomato Soup with Orange and Fresh Tarragon




2          cups                 Chicken Stock, cold

2          cups                 Tomato Juice

1          cup                  Tomato concasse'

Juice of                        2 or 3 fresh oranges

2          Tbs                  Freshly chopped french tarragon

As needed                   Salt and fresh ground pepper

few drops                    Tabasco


Garnish:  Avocado balls