A shopping list can add up quickly when making a Thanksgiving menu, but there are ways to control the cost and still prepare a bountiful meal on a budget.

Chef James Sinopoli of Washington D.C. created a budget menu that includes all the trimmings.

A Thanksgiving feast may look expensive but if you're a savvy shopper, you can save money and prepare a delicious meal.

"Don't be shy with that salt and pepper," said Sinopoli.

Sinopoli shopped at an organic grocer to feed a table of eight and shows an organic shopping list can be cost effective.

First rule of keeping costs down: Buy only what you need.

So for the turkey, Sinopoli said cook just a breast instead of the whole bird for a smaller crowd.

"This is one of the ways to save money," said Sinopoli.

Make it look and taste special with Sinopli's special herb pesto.

"We're making a little bit of a pesto to stick underneath the skin," said Sinopoli. "I have rosemary, sage a little bit of thyme."

This beautiful herb-roasted turkey breast cost $33 to feed eight people.

Your guests won't guess you are on a budget if you start with a luxurious soup. Try creamy chestnut. Splurge on the chestnuts, the rest of the ingredients are inexpensive: $13 dollars for 8 bowls.

Next up, dressing a casserole. The secret to keeping the cost down? Make it meatless.

"It's a simple bread stuffing," said Sinopoli, which has just celery, onions and bread. "Yeah, I didn't do any sausage or anything like that."

Less than $10 feeds eight people with leftovers.

Another Thanksgiving staple are cranberries. This cranberry relish has only three ingredients: Fresh cranberries, sugar, and one naval orange, for just $5.

A simple vegetable for Thanksgiving? Roasted brussels sprouts.

"Simply cut them in half, a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and in the oven."

This veggie side cost about $6.

Mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving staple and are not expensive, but make them look fancy by mixing both white and sweet potatoes in the same dish. A delicious, colorful side for about $10.

Finally, for dessert there is apple crisp.

"Apples are so inexpensive this time of year," said Sinopli.

This traditional hot apple crisp desert cost about $8.

The total cost of this Thanksgiving meal is about $85 or about $10.50 per guest. That's using organic ingredients. If you shop at a traditional grocer, you could make the same meal for about $56 or $7 a head.

"A beautiful spread without busting your budget. Happy Thanksgiving," said Sinopli.