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Students at Romulus school sent home

Parents are being asked to pick up their students at Cory Elementary in Romulus after the building was evacuated because of smoke.


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Adult Day Care

  • Elderly senior citizen's hand held by younger hand

    iStock/ tepic

    Caring for loved ones as they age requires considerations in many categories. Medical resources, safety concerns and long-term care facilities are just a few of the many resources needed.

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  • When it comes to allergies, just about anything can be a potential factor. From food to pets to environmental conditions, both children and adults can be mildly or severely affected.

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Alternative Medicine

  • Massage

    For patients who want to try a different approach to healing, there are alternative methods available.

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Behavioral Health

  • stress


    Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse affect millions of Americans every year.

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Cancer Care

  • Cancer definition


    A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating and overwhelming. Finding the right care and information for you or your loved one can be a key factor in managing your care.

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Chiropractic Care

  • There are many different options out there for treating back and joint pain. Chiropractic care continues to be a top choice among those dealing with this kind of discomfort.

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  • Braces on teeth

    It is often said that the first thing people notice is your smile. Keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy help get that smile noticed for the right reasons.

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Diabetes Care

  • Diabetes medicine, syringe, blood glucose monitor


    More than 14 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is related to blood sugar levels and is characterized into two different types.

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Eye Care

  • Senior's eye

    iStockPhoto / tbradford

    Healthy vision is easy to take for granted. Regular eye exams and check-ups are important, especially as we age.

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  • pregnant, mother, woman


    Knowing what factors affect fertility can be crucial when it comes to women’s health, family planning and a healthy pregnancy.

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  • Women exercise, fitness, weight, dumbbell, gym


    It is always recommended that you consult with your doctor before beginning any kind of diet or fitness routine to ensure your safety and overall health.

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  • Gastrointestinal and digestive issues affect more and more Americans every year. Everything from the foods you eat to the medications you take can play a role.

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Heart Health

  • heart with bandaid


    Many things can contribute to heart disease and heart attacks. Some risk factors can be inherited through genetics while others can be linked to behaviors such as smoking, overeating and lack of exercise.

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Men's Health

  • Knowing what health issues affect men and what symptoms or warning signs to look out for becomes increasingly important for men as they age.

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  • Knee pain

    iStock / KenTannenbaum

    Bone and joint pain can be some of the most excruciating pain to endure and can be debilitating when serious injuries occur.

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Pain Management

  • pills

    Knowing how to effectively manage pain can be essential to your normal daily functions. Understanding side effects to medications is also very important.

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Physical Therapy

  • Knee

    Physical therapy works to improve comfort and restore mobility for patients who suffer from pain or disabilities as a result of illness or injury.

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Plastic Surgery

  • Plastic surgery, woman's face


    Plastic surgery is usually an elective procedure, but still carries the risks and dangers of other surgeries that treat more serious health problems.

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Senior Living

  • Living accommodations for senior citizens and the available options and resources can vary greatly in quality and cost.

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  • Women's restroom, bathroom


    Proper diet and hydration can help in the prevention of many urological diseases and conditions.

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Weight Loss

  • The standards for achieving desired weight loss are different for everyone and dependent upon personal factors such as body-type and metabolism.

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Women's Health

  • Mother/daughter

    Knowing what health issues affect women and what symptoms or warning signs to look out for becomes increasingly important for women as they age.

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