Do you hate getting shots? Relief is on the way!

Dr. Amy Baxter, an Atlanta based pediatrician and pain researcher, has created a new device called Buzzy, designed to confuse and distract the body while receiving a shot. Baxter came up with the idea after her son, Max, was traumatized after receiving a shot, so much so that he would vomit just by hearing about a doctors appointment.

The device consists of a vibrating motor and ice pack to confuse the body's nerves and distract it from a needle's poke. Similar to running a burn under cold water, Buzzy uses the gate theory to stimulate cold receptors to block sharp pain.

Baxter first came up with the idea for Buzzy after driving home from a late shift at the hospital. She noticed her hands were almost numb from the vibrating steering wheel. She tested her idea using a Turboflex vibrator and a bag of frozen veggies.

After a series of grants and awards, Buzzy was launched in 2009. Research indicates that Buzzy significantly reduces pain by around 50% in children and 80% in adults.

Those who need weekly or daily injections are expected to benefit most from the device. Buzzy can be ordered online for under $40, along with a variety of accessories.