"Had she been at home, she probably would have died in her sleep and those organs probably would have not been used," said Patti.

Pamela's family wonders if the boys will develop her fondness for candy or her love for winter and snow. They have a message for the teenagers.

"Don't be sad. You didn't cause her death. You get to live from her death, and that is what makes it so much easier for us," said Patti.

Most of all, they hope Pamela can inspire others to give the gift of life.

"She was able to help countless people," said Pamela's boyfriend Michael Broser. "One thing I like to think is somewhere out there, her heart is still beating."

Pamela's organs saved the lives of at least five people and her donation of bone, tendons and tissue helped countless others. The Praills say they would very much like to meet all of the recipients someday and tell them about their daughter. They are dedicated to encouraging more people to join the organ donor registries in the United States and in Canada.

"Everyone wants to know what they can do to help you," said Marc. "All we can ask is to register."

"She earned her wings, and she went directly to Heaven on Christmas Day," said Patti. "It does make it easier to know she didn't die in vain."

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