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Keep yourself sane for holiday drive

The long drive to see family and friends is just another part of the annual holiday ritual.


Non-traditional gifts work for holidays

One of the most difficult tasks in gift giving can be finding a gift for the person who has everything.

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Tips for stress-free travel with kids

With planning, realistic goals and a little bit of luck, stress-free travel with kids can be a reality for your family.

How to land good airplane seats

Getting the right seat on an airplane can make all the difference on a trip. Find out how to get the one you want.


5 tips for surviving family trips

The whole point of a road trip is to have fun getting to where you're going. But when kids are involved, it takes a little planning and some sanity-saving gadgets.

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Break these travel habits and save

When you travel there are probably some things that you've gotten used to doing. If you're looking to save on your next trip, here's some of those habits to drop.

When the airline damages your luggage

Everyone hates luggage problems after a flight. Here are some tips on how to avoid headaches if your luggage shows up at the airport carousel damaged.


Wild rice-cranberry soup

Wild rice and cranberries combine for an elegant flavor in this soup.


Healthy twist on holiday favorites

Make your holiday meal healthier by making these simple changes to popular Thanksgiving dishes.


Sweet potato fritters

Looking for a new way to prepare sweet potatoes? Try this twist.

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Candied brie with apple wedges

Try this grownup spin on a favorite party treat.

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Create a unique centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table with these ideas.

Turkey pasta salad with red grapes

Need ideas for next week's Thanksgiving leftovers? Try this pasta salad.


Hazelnut torte with chocolate cream filling

File this one for your special occasion desserts!


What to include – and avoid – in your holiday card

Sending holiday cards is a nice gesture and fun holiday tradition. However, deciding what to include – and not include – in your card can be a struggle for some.

Chestnut soup

This winter classic will warm you to the core.


5 cheap, easy ways to catch holiday spirit

Just because the purse strings may be a bit tighter this year, don't let that stop you from catching the holiday spirit. We've got five simple, cheap tips that will restore the cheer this year.


Send us your Santa baby Hot Shots

There's just nothing sweeter than a beautiful baby dressed like Santa or an elf!

See and share your pet Hot Shots

It's that time of year again! Show us your cuddly cute kittens and adorable puppies all dressed up!

Chuck's Christmas Lights Hot Shots

It's our Local 4 holiday tradition! The biggest, best and brightest of Holiday Lights from neighborhoods all across metro Detroit are featured right here! See and share your holiday display photos in Chuck's Christmas Lights.

Holiday sweaters gone horribly wrong

Check out these photos sent in by viewers of not-so-favorite holiday sweaters. Share your own embarrassing pictures too!