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Wedding ring found in dog poop

A missing wedding ring turned up in extremely unusual circumstances in Alaska.



Parrot cries 'help' during house fire

This bird's one smart smoke detector.


Random House

First look inside new Dr. Seuss book

The announcement this year of a new, original Dr. Seuss book sent a wave of nostalgic giddiness across Twitter, and months before publication, the number of pre-orders for "What Pet Should I Get?" continues to climb.


KBTX;Social media photos, animal rescue video

FB post appears to show veterinarian holding dead cat by...

Hey, look what I did. That small boast on social media can trigger a whirlwind that spins into real-life grief, as Texas veterinarian Kristsen Lindsey found out after allegedly shooting a cat with an arrow.



Dog flu sickening canines in Midwest

Dog owners in several Midwestern states are being cautioned of a new strain of dog flu that has sickened at least a thousand animals.


Allergy season also affects dogs

Allergy season is here in all its glory, but it's not just us humans who suffer.



How Grumpy Cat makes her millions

Grumpy Cat has millions of social media followers, shots of her famous frown go viral, and fans clamor to catch a glimpse. Face it: Grumpy Cat is a celebrity, and guess what? She probably makes more money than you do!


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NZ aquarium introduces the world's first 'octographer'

Ever mess up a photo by holding your thumb on the lens? This photographer sometimes makes the same mistake, except with her tentacle.


Pet of the Week: Peppermint Patty

Adoption info: Call the Dearborn Animal Shelter at 313-943-2697



500 corgis invade California Beach

A California beach was invaded over the weekend by a terrifyingly cute horde of waddling corgis.

Around 500 of the fluffy, stubby pooches scampered onto Huntington Beach for the annual So Cal Corgi Beach Day, immediately melting the hearts of all…



City creates interactive bad dogs map

A recently launched feature on the city of Minneapolis' website maps out where dangerous dogs and their owners live.


How DNA can solve common pet problem

If you've ever stepped in dog poop, you know it's the worst.


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Adopt A Pet

Snoopy is energetic, playful

Say Hi to Snoopy! This 2-year-old Beagle mix is an energetic and playful fellow!

Juliet likes the quiet things in life

Say hello to Juliet! This 3-year-old Lab/Rottweiler mix likes the quiet things in life.

Cookie is a fun-loving girl

Meet Cookie! This 1-year-old Pit Bull mix is a fun-loving girl!

Bear is roaring to find a home

He’s a Shepherd/ Labrador Retriever mix who is as smiley as can be and is sure to paw his way into your heart.

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