The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) Cruelty Investigation and Rescue team on Friday rescued “Rudy,” a 5-week-old kitten that had become trapped in a drain pipe in the Wyoming and Grand River area on the west side of Detroit.

The kitten has been examined by veterinarians and is in good condition. If no owner steps forward to claim Rudy and his siblings, after being held for the state-mandated four-day stray holding period, they will be placed for adoption.

MHS received word from a Detroit homeowner that he had heard the cries of kittens under his back porch, and that one of them had fallen into a drain pipe located underneath.

After an hour of working to free the kitten, the team was successful in retrieving him and was relieved that he appeared to be okay.

The MHS team then took Rudy and his three siblings to the Detroit Center for Animal Care.

If you’d like to be placed on the adoption list for Rudy or his siblings, please send an email to containing your name, age, current number and types of pets, and a brief note as to why you would like to welcome these kittens to your home.