NB I-75 ramp at I-375 remains closed until Friday

Sunday's tanker fire has damaged the ramp, keeping it closed to traffic for now.

Ben Bailey: Storms possible Tuesday evening

Ben Bailey is keeping an eye on what to expect Tuesday, specifically in the evening.

This program is open to Macomb and Oakland County High School Marketing Classes each spring. The students are challenged to create a marketingcampaign for the Credit Union. The best teams, as determined by the individual high schools, are sent to compete in presentation format on a specific day at the Credit Union. Based on a number of elements, the students earn points that result in first, second, or third place standings.

Winning Group #1:

Warren Consolidated Schools Career Preparation Center

Brittany Johnson (Warren Cousino High School)
Brandi Shamoun (Warren Cousino High School)
Mario Aliaj (Warren Mott High School)
Fadi Yousif (Sterling Heights High School)

Winning Group #2:

Dakota High School

Allecia Jurkiewicz
Olivia Ross
Mikeala Galli

Winning Group #3:

Warren Consolidated Schools Career Preparation Center

Natali Apostolovoska (Warren Cousino High School)
Blegina Miraka (Warren Cousino High School)
Ioan Boeriu (Sterling Heights High School)
Kadijah Jones (Warren Mott High School)