If you're looking for the jobs that pay the most in America, you might look inside the operating room instead of the boardroom.

Forbes magazine has come up with a list of the best and worst paying jobs based on numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Employment and Wage Estimate.

On top of the list: anesthesiologists who make an average annual salary of $232,830. In fact, the medical field dominates the top ten, taking the first nine spots with jobs like surgeons, orthodontists, and psychiatrists.

The job of chief executive lands at number ten with an average salary of $176,840.

Other high-paying non-medial jobs include: petroleum engineers, marketing managers, and airline pilots.

People in the worst-paying jobs average around $18,000 a year. Those jobs include: shampooers, fast food cooks, and ushers at theaters.

Here are the best-paying jobs and annual average pay:

1 Anesthesiologists ($232,830)

2 Surgeons ($230,540)

3 Obstetricians/gynecologists ($216,760)

4 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons ($216,440)

5 General Internists ($191,520)

6 Orthodontists ($186,320)

7 Physicians and Surgeons (all other) ($184,820)

8 Family and General Practitioners ($180,850)

9 Psychiatrists ($177,520)

10 Chief Executives ($176,840)

Here are the best-paying non-medical jobs:

1. Chief executives $176,840

2. Petroleum engineers $147,470

3. Architectural and engineering managers $133,240

4. Lawyers $130,880

5. Natural sciences managers $130,400

6. Marketing managers $129,870

7. Computer and information systems managers $129,130