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Holiday shopping news

6 top tech gifts of 2014

Not only are these items great for multiple uses, they are also excellent for multiple ages.

30 gift ideas for toddlers, preschoolers

These toys are low-tech and offer hours of fun, all the while developing skills or burning energy!

Christmas DIY gifts: Chalkboard paint, sugar scrubs

Black Friday is one of my most favorite days of the year ...but not for shopping.

Shop before Black Friday, save money year-round

Stores are offering deals earlier and earlier.

3 stages of Black Friday shopping

Shopping on Black Friday isn’t just about heading to the mall to pick up a new TV -- there’s a lot more to it these days.

Find the perfect gift from Michigan Etsy sellers

Looking for a unique gift idea made in Michigan? Check out this list of Etsy sellers.

'No box' gift ideas for families

If your family is anything like mine, the last thing we need at Christmas is more stuff.

How to shop local on Etsy

Do you know that you can use the Internet to shop locally?

Shop instantly on Instagram

Contrary to popular belief, Instagram isn’t just for selfies and snapshots of your lunch.

How women, men see Black Friday shopping

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, what does that mean for Black Friday shopping?

5 reasons to go Black Friday shopping

Last year, I saved more than $1,000 by snagging things at least half off, but usually more -- and not just for holiday gifts,

Is Black Friday worth it?

Like many of the best things in life, there is not an easy yes or no answer to this.

‘Frozen’ fun at Twelve Oaks Mall