Forget sunscreen or wide-brimmed hats. "Facekinis" are the hot new way to protect your face from the sun in China.

The full nylon head mask, often worn with an accompanying body suit, has cutouts for wearers' eyes, nose and mouths and has been spotted among the trendy in the Chinese resort town of Qingdao, The New York Times reported.

It's particularly a must-have for Chinese women trying to preserve their fair-skinned complexions.

Unlike in Western culture, tanning is not popular in China because a tan implies a life of hard physical labor and peasantry, not health and leisure, according to National Public Radio.

Facekinis cost anywhere from $2.40 to $4, although many residents make their own out of old clothes.

As an added benefit, the masks are credited with protecting against insects and jellyfish, The Daily Mail reported.