ANN ARBOR, Mich. -

The 1-year-old daughter of Michigan's Lt. Gov. Brian Calley went into cardiac arrest Tuesday while being prepared for a heart procedure at a hospital.

About 6 p.m. Wednesday, Calley posted on his Facebook page:

"Basically all good news today. Kara's blood gas levels are excellent, which means that they will take some aggressive steps tomorrow toward getting her off the ventilator, pending how the chest x-ray looks in the morning. The Echocardiogram results showed no damage or substantial changes in her heart from the arrests. Julie will be here soon and I will go home to be with our other two kids (which takes more energy)."

Earlier Wednesday, Calley made a post to the page explaining progress had been made on Kara's ventilator.

"They have reduced the oxygen percentage and pressure and she is keeping up just fine," Calley's post read.

He went on in the post saying he expected her to come off the ventilator Thursday. These posts were much more promising than earlier posts from Calley on Tuesday.

Around 6 p.m. Tuesday, Calley tweeted:

"Urgent Prayer Request: My heart is breaking as I write this. Kara has crashed twice. What was thought to be routine is at a very life threatening stage. Kara is fighting for her life right now. They may put her on the heart and lungs machine soon."

An hour later Calley wrote:

Kara had two cardiac arrests, one of which came with significant fluid drowning the lungs. They set up for connection to the heart and lungs machine but then she became stable. They are just standing by watching right now."

Ken Silfven, a spokesman for Gov. Rick Snyder, said in an email Wednesday morning that Kara last was reported in stable condition Tuesday evening. She has undergone past surgery to address a heart defect, and was at an Ann Arbor hospital for a cardiac catheterization.

Silfven says Calley and his family have received an outpouring of prayers and support following word of Kara's hospitalization.

Silfven says the governor was asking people to keep Kara and the Calley family in their thoughts and prayers.