21. Protective Sportswear - Sports enthusiasts can help avoid bumps and bruises in inline or roller skating and contact sports.

22. Pop Bingo - Create a bingo board underneath a layer of Bubble Wrap® so a number is under each bubble. Each time your number is called pop it until someone eventually yells "Bingo!"


23. Fruit Protector - Place sheets of Bubble Wrap® on the bottom of your refrigerator's crisper compartment to protect fruit and vegetables from bruising.

24. Freezer Efficiency - Fill the spaces in between the frozen food in your freezer with Bubble Wrap®. Packing the items tight will block warmer air from circulating causing your freezer to work harder.

25. Window Insulator - Use Bubble Wrap® to insulate windows. Simply cut the Bubble Wrap® to size, spray the glass lightly with water, and apply the flat side of the material.

26. Plant Protector - For container plants that are susceptible to cold but can't be moved inside, line the inside of the planter pots with Bubble Wrap® to prevent compost from freezing and damaging the roots. Make sure to leave space so as not to cover the drainage hole.

27. Frost Protector - Want to protect your plants from frost? Use Bubble Wrap® as a blanket to protect your plants while still letting the sun shine in.

28. Greenhouse Insulator - Believe it or not, after the inventors' initial idea for the material to be a textured wallpaper fell flat, they sold it to growers as a greenhouse insulator. Just because it is an old idea for Bubble Wrap® doesn't mean it's a bad one!

29. Winterize Your Pipes - Use Bubble Wrap® to winterize outdoor spigots before temperatures dip below freezing. Wrap outdoor pipes using string or rubber bands in order to prevent pipes from bursting or freezing.

 30. "Pop"able Placemats - Make your own "pop"able place mats that work well for passing time during any lulls in a dinner conversation. Not sure what to eat? Try Pop Tarts, popcorn and soda pop. Oh, and don't forget your Bubble Wrap® napkin ring.

31. Windshield Cover - Hate scraping ice off your windshield after an evening freeze? Try covering the glass with Bubble Wrap® and come morning just pull the plastic aside and voilá, no ice.

32. Camping Tent Protector - Lay down a layer of Bubble Wrap® before putting down and staking your tent. The layer will help keep out moisture and will also add a nice layer of added comfort.

33. Drink Cozy - Does your soda lose its cool too quick? Use tape and Bubble Wrap® to make a "pop"able drink can cozy. How's that for soda pop?

34. Car Seat Cover - Why use those expensive beaded seat covers when you can line your bucket seats with the light-as-air Bubble Wrap®?

35. Bleacher Seat Buffer - If you need a quick and easy fix for the hard, cold, metal bleachers at a big game, try adding a layer of Bubble Wrap® to cushion your toosh. And if it is after a rain storm, Bubble Wrap® keeps you dry.

36. Baby Mat - Use Bubble Wrap® to make a Bubble Wrap® baby mat. It is light, easy to carry and padded too.

37. Travel Wrap - Pack along some Bubble Wrap® on trips so when you return with fragile souvenirs, you will have them well protected.

38. Dog House Helper - Help Fido out this winter. Insulate his house with Bubble Wrap® to help keep him warm through the cold nights.

39. Puffy Pillow - Rest your weary head on a pillow of air by making a Bubble Wrap® pillow.

40. Extra Padding - Help ensure a good night's sleep by placing an extra layer of Bubble Wrap® under your sheet or bedspread. Lay back, relax and rest easy.

41. Beach Blanket - If you don't have a towel, no sweat - try a Bubble Wrap® blanket.

42. Bubble Wrap® Door Mat - If you need a door mat and don't have a door bell. Kill two birds with one stone with the Bubble Wrap® door mat that also pops when your guests arrive.

43. Matrix TV - Tired of watching the same old programming? Add a layer of Bubble Wrap® to your screen and watch the textures of the screen change before your eyes.

44. Bubble Wrap Wrapping - Add a little pop to your holiday gifts or birthday presents by wrapping them in Bubble Wrap®. Warning once they see it is Bubble Wrap® they might be too distracted popping to open your present.