45. Fashion Show - In pairs or teams, work together to dress your model in an outfit that really pops! Once the designs are made, models walk a Bubble Wrap® runway so the judges can pick the winning designers.

46. A Tie that Pops - Not sure what to get your "Pops" for Father's Day? Why not make him a Bubble Wrap® tie that is sure to make him a standout at the office.

 47. Hush Bubbles - Add some bubble inserts to your shoes to provide a comforting cushion of air. Just trace your feet, cut the Bubble Wrap® and make your walk all the more enjoyable.

48. Shoe Protector - Don't want to muddy up your fashionable kicks? Try wrapping your shoes in a layer of Bubble Wrap® to keep them clean and dry.

49. Bubble Wrap® Formal - Plan your own bubble ball and dress in your own Bubble Wrap® gowns and tuxes.

50. Purse Liner - Add a little extra protection to your purse by adding an inside lining that keeps your personal items safe and sound.


· 1960 - In a building the size of a two-car garage in Hawthorne, NJ, Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding create a textured plastic intended to be a new type of wallpaper.

· The original name of the BubbleWrap was Air Cap.

 · Mid 1960s - Sales of Bubble Wrap® takes off as IBM starts using the cushioning to ship its IBM 1401 model computers.

· 1969 - Bubble Wrap was beginning to catch on. For the year, Sealed Air reported sales of $4 million which represented the entire market for air cellular products.

· 1971 - By laminating AirCap cushioning material to craft paper, Sealed Air developed its Mail Lite shipping envelopes, first sold in 1971.

· 1998 - Comedians Joey Green (the Spam Guy) and Tim Nyberg (the Duct Tape Guy) publish a book about Bubble Wrap® cushioning, appropriately titled, "The Bubble Wrap Book®."

· Bubble Wrap® appears in several feature films such as Wall-E, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, Liar, Liar, Dude Where's My Car and many more.

· January 2001 - Bubble Wrap® celebrates the first annual Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day. The brand's popularly helps secure its official place in the Chase Calendar of Events, recognizing the brand each year on the last Monday in January.

· Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning offers five different sizes of bubbles to tailor to everyone's shipping and popping needs.

· October 2000 - Sealed Air protected one of the most unusual items to date, an 815-pound pumpkin--nicknamed "Gourdzilla" at a pumpkin-dropping contest in Iowa. The pumpkin stayed intact despite being dropped onto Bubble Wrap® from a 35-foot-tall crane.

· July 2004 - Bubble Wrap® is first recognized by the AP Stylebook. Because the brand became recognized worldwide as a brand of cushioning, it was misused often as a generic term for cushioning, similar to the improper use of "Kleenex®" (brand of tissue) to refer to all tissues. Since Bubble Wrap® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation for its brand of cushioning, it cannot be used as the generic term.

 · March 2006 - FORTUNE Magazine Names Sealed Air, makers of Bubble Wrap, Most Admired "Packaging, Containers" Company in 2006 Survey.

· 2009 - More than two million people join dozens of groups to become fans of Bubble Wrap® on Facebook.

· Each year, Sealed Air makes enough Bubble Wrap® to stretch from the earth to the moon and back.