'She-Conomy': women dominate today's workforce

Published On: Oct 02 2011 04:06:34 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 19 2011 02:21:54 AM EDT

As our economy moves from a manufacturing base to a service and management economy, women are quickly emerging as the dominate force. She-Conomy".

"Definitely in the last nine, ten years there has been a big change," said restaurant owner Maria Trakas Poureymour.

Marketing professor George Belch says the influence of women in today's economy is so profound it has its own name "She-conomy".

Belch said, "Well she-conomy basically refers to the emergence of women as the dominant force of the economy."

Today, women out number men in most college campuses and are equal to men in the workforce. In fact, studies show that women could soon make up a greater percentage of white collar professionals.

According to Belch, ""We are moving from a manufacturing economy to more of a service and a management economy. And as we move there women are better trained to take on those particular positions."