The body of a Walled Lake man has been discovered in his apartment after neighbors in the complex complained of an awful smell over the last few days. Neighbors said they knew something was wrong in the apartment, but they had no idea that the problem was a dead body.

"It was a couple of days and people kept asking, what the heck was that smell," said a resident of the complex.

The residents said that the smell continued to strengthen over the last few days, and they complained to the landlord.

"Managers here said that they looked into it, that they checked every apartment and they found garbage," said Claudia, one of the victim's neighbors.

Police say that the 51-year old man had been dead for days inside his first-floor unit before his body was found wrapped in plastic.

A 21-year-old man in custody confessed to the crime. The suspect lived across the hall from the victim, and was living with him for a couple of weeks. Neighbors say the victim mostly kept to himself.

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"It's horrifying, to think that however long it was here that everybody's been going about their normal business," said another neighbor. "And something very unnormal had happened."

Two moms say that the last time they saw the victim was two weeks ago when he was yelling at the neighborhood kids playing outside.

"He was very aggressive," one mom said. "He was cursing at us, he was cursing at the kids, so I was nervous."

Police don't know how the victim was killed, but there is an autopsy scheduled for Monday.