Three teens were arraigned in First District Court on Monday in Monroe County after a robbery in a Carleton area barn.

Authorities said five teenagers were inside the barn on West Labo Road partying Friday morning when the robbery occurred.

Police say the teens robbed a 15-year-old boy at gunpoint to steal his musical equipment.

The reports one of the girls allegedly punched the victim and choking him.

The teens duct-taped the boy and one of them pointed a gun at his head, Detective Pauli said.

Austin Walker from LaSalle, Mich., Alicia Small and Nickilas Bowling both of Monroe, were arraigned on charges of armed robbery.

The three 17-year-old suspects remain in jail on $100,000 bonds.

A fourth suspect, age 16, is being housed at a youth center and could be charged as an adult.

Police are still looking for the fifth female teen suspect in the case.

The robbers reportedly took thousands of dollars in equipment before they drove off.

The victim was eventually able to free himself and alert authorities.

~Alicia Small, 17, of Monroe, Mich.~