Detroit’s climb out of bankruptcy was the focus of CBS's long running show "60 minutes" on Sunday.

But, a very prominent name behind the motor city's resurgence feels the message of the program missed the mark.

Veteran correspondent Bob Simon toured the city streets to capture what daily life is like in the biggest American city to declare bankruptcy.

But instead of highlighting the good things happening in the city many feel the piece painted an ugly picture.

"It looks like it has lost a war. It could be Dresden after the allied bombing. Factories, stores, schools, left to rot. Houses gutted by fire. Streets abandoned, derelict, populated by crime," said the show.

Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert voiced his displeasure with the episode on Twitter.

His tweet reads in part, "expected more of @60minutes" and "A city's soul that will not die was the story and they missed it."