Armored backpacks, a rush on guns after Conn. school shooting

Manufacturer reports spike in sales for shielding backpacks

Published On: Dec 19 2012 08:58:25 PM EST

Anxious parents are driving up sales of armored backpacks for children in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting.

Sales on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, like the ones used by the shooter last week to kill 26 people at an elementary school, are also flying off gun store shelves. Firearms enthusiasts are stocking up because they fear potential gun control measures.

President Barack Obama tasked his administration Wednesday with creating concrete proposals to reduce gun violence.

Colorado set a single-day record for gun background check requests the day after the Connecticut mass shootings, and some online retailers are removing assault rifles from websites in part because of diminishing supplies.

In Utah, a manufacturer reports a spike in sales of armored backpacks designed to shield children caught in a shooting.