TAYLOR, Mich. -

Taylor's Kennedy High School is facing the same bed bugs problem that a Taylor elementary school faced just two weeks ago, and classes still are in session.

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High school administrators sent parents a letter Wednesday about the problem, which read in part, "Bed bugs were discovered in the classroom today at Kennedy. Once the bugs were discovered, the students were moved to another room and that affected room has been quarantined."

After school, a pesticide company treated the affected area. School leaders say a stronger treatment will be applied this weekend.

For now, students are not allowed to bring backpacks. The items they do bring to school must be in clear plastic bags.

For at least one parent, that's not enough.

"I would like them to go ahead and close the school," said JoAnn Reno, who has two daughters at the high school. "I checked the girls today from top to bottom when they came home. I took the vacuum and literally vacuumed them."