An audience member stood and discussed the fact that the board is looking at trouble with the federal government

No means no. You keep pushing and pushing and pushing, you raped us.

Dr. Tellis Chapman, Baptist Convention of Michigan: “I rise to tell all of you that at the end of the day make sure it is said you protected Democracy. That you were not fleeced and you within your powers did not the best thing but the right thing… which involves processes that has allowed you to be in the very place you are right now. You are the ones that have the responsibility to give advice and recommendation to the governor. When you do that that you protected Democracy. I charge, demand all of you to resign and take the document to the Governor and say “hell no” and we endeavor to do not the best thing do the right thing. Any one of you when the day is over and history shall have been written make sure you have done the right thing.”

4:13 p.m. Go after the banks

Jerry Goldberg, Lawyer and Detroiter; “The emergency manager bill is a banker’s bill, the same banks that foreclosed on the city, putting the ratings agencies in charge of the consent agreement. The ratings we say no to the banks and want to fight the banks and get a 70 percent reduction in debt service, not take away democratic rights. Go after the banks not the people.”