What was your response? That I would take care of it.

Witness says he had someone go to a bank, get some cash and deliver it to Kwame.

Exhibit 17: Check made out to Kilpatrick for Congress from Rutherford's personal account on April 29th 2002 for $1,000.

Exhibit 18: check made out to Friends of Kilpatrick from Rutherford personal account for $5,000 dated May 7th, 2002. Says "friends of CCK". that would be Carolyn cheeks Kilpatrick.

Were these 2 checks to do with fund-raiser for congresswoman? Yes.

Exhibit 19: check from DPR Management LLC for cash on May 7th 2002 for $9,000. This was at the time of Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick.

What was money used for? The person who endorse this check worked for me. He was the gentleman who delivered it to Kwame.

Why didn't you just write check to Kwame if he wanted to buy suits? I don't know.

Witness says Kwame was in a hurry.

Did you think it was proper to give money to mayor of city of Detroit? I didn't really think it was a bad thing to do.

You were looking for a casino? No I wasn't looking for a casino.

Do you think it's bad to give money for suits when he is going to Dubai? No.

Did Kwame ever repay you the $10,000? No.

Did he ever suggest he would repay you? No.

11:47AM In the spring/summer 2002 did you go to Las Vegas? Yes.

Witness says he went for shopping Center Convention and had meeting with architect Paul steelman.

So by this point casino plans underway? Trying. it's very hard.

Did you see Kwame while out there? Yes.

Witness says saw him at a meeting with Sig Rogich and then took family out to dinner. Rutherford says he organized with Rogich. (Rogich is an Icelandic-American businessman with Republican ties).

Did you discuss casino plans? Yes.

Where did you take mayor to dinner? At the casino resort, Green Valley Ranch, in Las Vegas.

Who owned it? Paul Steelman was partners with Wolfgang Puck.

Mayor's whole family at restaurant? Yes.

While in Vegas did mayor ask you for anything? Yes. Gave him some cash that night.

Why? Because he asked for it. somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000 to $5,000.