Where were you when he asked for it? In the restaurant.

Where did you give it to him? Outside the restaurant.

Did you ever get repaid? No.

11:55AM Taking a 10 minute break here. Had serious technical issue for what about 5 to 10 minutes so missed some big numbers on projections for the casino.

12:06PM Everyone filters back into the courtroom.

12:08PM Judge re-enters courtroom.

12:09PM Jurors seated.

Chutkow continues.

How long have you known Bernard Kilpatrick? Met him about mid 90s.

What context? "Detroit is not that big of a place" "Our paths just crossed." I believe Bernard was a Wayne County commissioner at the time.

Was he a personal friend of yours? No, an acquaintance.

After Kwame elected mayor, did you have conversations about his future? No.

You don't recall anything he hoped to do as a result of his son being elected? did you talk about former mayor Coleman young? No i don't remember.

Chutkow consults with Bullotta. A juror sneezes. "Bless you" says the judge.

Do you recall being interviewed by IRS and FBI? "Which of the 100 times?"

Do you recall telling agents about Bernard Kilpatrick?

Thomas objects. Judge sustains. Can't ask like that.

Shortly after Kwame elected Detroit mayor, did you have conversations with Bernard about hiring him as consultant? No.

Witness says there were conversations that happened before that. "He never came upo and asked me."

Witness says he got a phone call from a mutual friend, Cassandra Smith Grey, who asked if I'd be interested in hiring him as a consultant. She was an employee of Wayne County. Bernard was an employee of Wayne County at the time. she said they needed to get him out of there because his son was mayor of Detroit.

She said he wanted to be paid $10,000 a month.

Were you willing to do that? Absolutely. "I thought it was a good deal for me."

Did you talk to Bernard about his new business? Had conversations with Bernard and gave him things I thought were good tips businesswise. Needed an account and to file papers.

He was hired as consulting and you were helping him? I just gave him some direction.

Did it seem like he had a lot of business savvy in business sector? Bernard had extensive career in government that seals with private sector every day. "They are the people who get things done"- talking about the bureaucrats. And to have someone like Bernard who had ties with them was invaluable.