From particular company? We said DPR a hundred times.

How much money came into DPR? Doesn't know without looking at figures.

What was shelter operation salary? About $120,000. but had more businesses than just the shelter.

Total income from Metro Emergency Services was $275,000.

DPR charged MES $720,000 for rent.

Witness got about $650,000 a year from various sources.

90 day contracts he was providing services for in 93 homes for about 1,000 people. Each of those people, they have a price tag put next to them. Like $600 for one person and another may have $1,000 worth of care. It was roughly $2.8 million a year that came in and went right out to the homes.

There was the administrative fee that was 20% of that a month. So not just salary but some money out of that 20%.

You were investigated by IRS? Yes.

You were indicted by US attorney's office? Yes.

You were charged in the period between 2000 and 2003, the period checks were written? Yes.

You were charged with improperly taking money from entities? Yes.

You plead guilty? Yes.

With who? Judge Battani.

Plead to failure to report all income and tax evasion.

Is there a range of sentence? 24 to 30 months.

What did you get sentenced? 21 months.

You got a 3 month reduction? 21 months.

Witness says the new range was 15 to 21 months. So Battani gave him higer end of the range.

Reason for reduction? Believe it was for the grand jury testimony.

So you provided evidence to government in investigation of others. Yes.

So government suggested to reduce sentence? Yes.

You haven't reported to prison? Yes.

So Battani could reduce sentence? Yes.

Is your testimony today part of reason to get reduced sentenced? No. One of my good friend's who is attorney has done all that stuff (Steve Fishman is his attorney).