"Plan for the worst and hope for the best." says Rutherford.

Has anyone made any promises to you? No.

Has anyone said we'll give in the lower range if you testify? No.

Witness looking at more documents. Checks.

12:58PM Exhibit 1: Payment summary:

Chutkow says you testified to various payments in 2000. Total $123,000

Also testified to various checks given to Kwame Kilpatrick in his run for mayor. Total of $184,000 from April to November 2001

Total for 2002 of $20,000 checks after Kwame became mayor.

$327,000: total of checks between 2000 and 2002.

Total payments of DPR to Maestro: $113,000

$440,275: total of Maestro payments plus entities.

Chart doesn't include $10,000 for suits or the $2,000 to S5,000 in Las Vegas and $1,200 for championship fight tickets.

If Kwame wasn't mayor of Detroit would you have given Kwame this money? no.

Bernard? no.

Were you friends? No.

Were you paying this to get something in return? Yes. I guess.

Did Kwame Kilpatrick express appreciation? Yes.

Did he tell you he would do anything for you? No. He liked the project. He would have backed it.

Did you need the mayor? For the Riverfront asks witness?

Yes says Chutkow. "Couldn't have done it without him." says Rutherford

1:05PM Judge dismisses jury.

Taking up a legal issue in the morning so will be starting a little early at 8:45AM. Essentially, Rutherford is sometimes being reluctant with his memory so the government wants to read his grand jury testimony to refresh it. For obvious reasons, defense would like to prevent that.

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