Thomas wants to talk about one of the exhibits. The 2006 contribution. On letterhead from Jim Pappas. do you know him? I don't believe so.

Did you attend Athenaeum event? No.

Did you send it to Mr. Pappas or Mr. Zajac? I believe Mr. Zajac.

This solicitation letter is what you relied on for contribution? Combination of that and conversation with Zajac.

You were told that contribution could be corporate or personal and 3 checks were corporate? Well they were business checks.

Thomas talking about notations on letter. Are they yours? No.

Thomas takes witness over list of organization's purposes. And to the bottom where no funds would be donated to a political campaign.

Witness says partners and firm make political contributions from time to time but this was not supposed to be for political purposes.

Did you contemplate that legislative issues might have a political implication? Witness says he doesn't recall seeing sheet listing purposes. He recalls generally what was told to them.

Could legislative issues involve political issues? Certainly that is the case in general but our understanding about these contributions was that they were not for political purposes but for civc and educational reasons.

Thomas talks about educating residents about the importance of voting. that has political implications well? Who you vote for is political as well.

Witness says "I'm sorry I forgot your name." "Jim Thomas." replies the defense lawyer.

Thomas distinguishing between donations to political issues versus a campaign. Witness says he doesn't disagree with that.

Everyone at the defense table looking a little bored by this testimony.

Thomas looking at letter in 2008 from law firm to Zajac with that year's $10,000 contribution.

Had you ever seen the aricles of incorporation of the Civic Fund? No I have not.

Did you talk to federal agents before today? I talked to FBI agent David Hunt earlier and just today with Mr. Bullotta.

Did you talk to agent Hunt about what you thought was objectionable about the spending of the money? I don't believe we did. Interview notes referred to 2 checks and I called to say there were 3 and not 2.

Would you have expected Civic fund to be run by a board of directors? I have no idea.

Officers might make decisions? Yes.

These officers might make decisions on what to spend on? Yes.

Would you expect Civic Fund to have employees? Yes.

They might be paid for what they do? Yes.

That's entirely proper for fund-raising? Yes.

The might have to travel for fund-raising? Yes.