As it relates to people who don't have relationships, they might have to travel to solicit funds? Yes.

Travel expenditures might be reimbursed? At my firm if it was consistent with purposes and standards that are set, certainly.

Political contributions to a political campaign is usually made to crisis set up for those funds? Yes.

You recognize the distinction I have made.

"Go Tigers" says Thomas.

Yankees are going to lose anyways says witness. Off the record.

9:38AM Bullotta redirects. 

How was third check sent? By Federal Express.

Both 2006 and 2008 checks by Federal Express? Yes.

Would you have donated in June 2008 if you believed some of it would have gone towards crisis manager? That wouldn't have been consistent.

9:40AM Thomas redirects.

You knew who Kwame was and hadn't met him? Yes.

You knew he was figurehead for the fund? Yes.

Did you know he was under siege personally and professionally? I don't remember if I knew it then.

Would you have expected that his ability to raise funds for Civic Fund would have been impacted in a negative way? Don't mean to be evasive but you are asking a hypothetical. Thought we were making the same kind of donation as previous years.

What if you knew he was under siege politically and personally? It seemed to be that this would be using the money for specific personal purposes, If that was part of the by-laws of the Civic Fund then I'm sure that would be appropriate. But it seems to me that hiring someone for purposes unrelated to Civic Fund seems inconsistent to me to the purposes we thought.

Do you think his fund-raising abilities might have been affected? Yes.

Do you think he might want to address issues? I supposes so. Yes.

You know corporations ruled by board of directors? Yes.

Witness says that whatever is reimbursable is articulated in a document. If not, whatever they deemed to be appropriate.

As long as expenditures related to Civic Fund? Yes. Certainly could be the case.

Judge says" you can be excused, got back to New York and weep about the Yankees."

9:45AM Jon Rutherford takes the stand. Judge Edmunds tells jurors this marks the beginning of a new chapter in the trial 

US Attorney Mark Chutkow says Thomas requested sidebar on this witness. Go to sidebar.

Jon Rutherford is the much anticipated witness of the week. A homeless shelter operator, he was sentenced to 21 months in jail on tax charges. Despite the fact that he was sentenced in January 2011, he has still not gone to jail. Thomas asked for a hearing Tuesday to ascertain why he was still out. It is believed that Rutherford could get leniency on his sentence for his testimony in this trial.