Rutherford hired him for democratic house race. I don't even know if Kwame had any competition in that race.

In election cycle of 2000, Kwame was re-elected as state rep. Then democratic house caucus voted him as leader.

Witness saying he doesn't know exact procedure that takes place.

Shortly after his election did you talk about his other aspirations? Yes. about being mayor. Ran against Gil Hill.

In period up to August 2001, did you provide support to Kwame? Yes.

Exhibit RUTH 7: check from Rutherford and Associates to Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Dated April 25th 2001 for $20,000.

Who asked for this contribution? Well it would have been Kwame Kilpatrick.

Did you have discussions about civic fund? I had a lot of discussions with Kwame around this time about being elected in the city of Detroit.

Witness says they were general conversations about running and the money it takes.

What was he asking you for? Money says money.

Why not write check to his campaign? I don't have answers for that.

Witness says he couldn't have written a check to his campaign. Couldn't give $20.000 to campaign because it was aginst by-laws. Rutherford said it was an understanding between he and Kwame that this money would be for his campaign.

It didn't have a social welfare purpose? No.

Exhibit RUTH 8- check from DPR LLC to Next Generation Detroit on June 6th 2001 for $34,000.

Next Generation Detroit is Kwame's Political Action Fund.

Witness says $34,000 is the maximum he could give to a PAC in an election cycle.

Exhibit 9: check from DPR LLC to Kilpatrick Civic fund. Dated July 2nd 2001 for $30,000. A month before primaries.

Why did you write check? "Kwame Kilpatrick needed it. He needed it for his campaign."

Exhibit RUTH 47- witness recognizes an article in the Free Press. August 29th 2001. Headline "Kilpatrick took donation, now questions propriety." "President of homeless shelter gave $50,000 to voter fund" is secondary heading.

What was your reaction when you saw article? "I wasn't very pleased."

Was it your homeless shelter being referenced? Yes it was. there were several inaccuracies in the article. I didn't like that. Bordered on trying to be sensational. I wasn't very happy.

This created a scandal? Yes looking back, i think it did.

After article came out, did you meet with any members of mayor's campaign? Maybe a day or 2 after, Christine Beatty came by my office and flipped a document on my desk. It was the mission statement of the Civic Fund.

Did you ever talk to Bernard Kilpatrick? Not too long after article, I passed him on a golf outing. and he made a comment that the Kilpatrick and Rutherford names would be forever link.

Exhibit RUTH 10- a personal check for Rutherford to Kilpatrick for Mayor. For $3,000 on October 15th, 2001.