About 3 weeks before election? Yes.

Did you give to other organizations leading up to election? Yes.

To who? Community Coalition.

Exhibit 11- a check from DPR LLC to Community Coalition on October 26th 2001 for $45,000.

Exhibit 12: a check from DPR LLC to Community Coalition on October 31sdt 2001 for $35,000

Exhibit 13: check from DPR LLC to Community Coalition on November 5th 2001 for $10,000.

Exhibit 14: check from DPR LLC to Community Coalition on November 6th 2001 for $7,275.

So in 2 week period before election, DPR gave $97000 to Community coalition? I'll take your word for it.

What was purpose? To get Kwame Kilpatrick elected mayor of Detroit.

How is money used? Some people door to door have different events. Get people to vote. Leave literature to back candidate.

On election date did you make further contributions? Yes. On election day i got a call. I was at a funeral. From Bernard. they needed money. i wrote a check.

Ballpark? In my mind it was $20,000. I can't tell you exact amount.

How was money cashed? I was at a funeral with my familty. took them home then met someone from Community Coalition. it was too late to got to a bank so I made an arrangement to go to a grocery store and get cash.

Do you believe you played a role in his election?

Thomas objects.

Witness says "I helped"

How? Those checks you saw on the screen.

Did you ever talk to Kwame about your role in his election? Yes.

What was his reaction to your contributions? Generally happy with the help.

Did you see him election day? for a short period of time. Was with son and daughter and were walking into his election day party at hotel in Renaissance Center. Just as I was walking in, he pulled up. i spoke with him and then he picked my son up. that was the extent of me seeing him election day. 

What about Bernard, did you talk to him? I can't give a specific date but I had conversations with Bernard. He seemed appreciative. 

Did you have something specific you wanted in exchange? Not at that particular time. 

What were you interested in doing at time of election with business? Always had an interest in the east River Front. Land basically from Shain Park to Renaissance Center.

Witness says that as a younger man he set up Shain Park when Coleman Young was mayor. The property looked terrible and was useless. City didn't make money off it. No one made more off it. It had potential. I always had an interest in it.

What kind of ideas did you have? Retail, housing, restaurants, bars. Multi-use.