The reporter asked if witness had financed trip to Las Vegas. She didn't ask about fight.

When the call came, Art Blackwell got so excited he jumped up and knocked over a chair. "We all scattered."

Witness says he knows for a fact that there were other people on that weekend that McConnell called. November 2001.

Now after Kwame was in office, you had 20 or so meetings about casino plans? first there was the idea to get big box.

What was his reaction? Think he was excited. We had a good architect."

"Do you really think you could build something on the east River Front without talking to the mayor?" says Rutherford.

Rutherford says he was hoping that city would jump in and give property for free.

11:32AM Chutkow so you talked to mayor about it? Yes.

It would require work from the city? Yes.

Tax abatements? Never talked to him about that.

Witness says that he had studied some things that happened in Cleveland and NYC regarding Port Authority. Curtis Hertel was chair of Detroit Port Authority. The banks would join with Port authority. so could have had casino and convention in hotel without costing the taxpayers a dime. thought that was pretty good idea.

Had discussions about that with mayor.

Did he meet with financing people? I don't know. I know 5th third Bank were going into partnership with Port Authority.

Did he meet with Curtis Hertel and art Blackwell? Yes.

Any discussions about purchasing a license to operate casino? Yes. Motor City and MGM not interested. The research compiled indicated that the Greektown license was one to be purchased.

They had exclusive rights. One of these groups had to go one the riverfront.

Did you hire architects? Yes I did. I hired Paul Steelman based in Las Vegas but does casinos all over the world.

In May 2002, did you attend fund-raiser for mayor's mother? Yes.

What was it for? She was a United States congresswoman.

Where did it take place? Detroit Athletic Club..

Who invited you? Not sure.

Who did you meet there? There were a lot of people there. Kwame. Bernard. A lot of people there.

Tell us about conversations? Kwame was going on a trip the next day or day after. He asked that he wanted to buys some suits. So witness arranged for him to get $10,000 to get suits. Kwame was going to Dubai.

Did he ask for the money? He had the figure in mind. He knew how much he wanted.

Was Bernard there when he asked? Yes.