Police say 33-year-old Vicki Jo Mills says she did it to get attention

A woman may see jail time after allegedly poisoning a man with eyedrops.

Vicki Jo Mills, 33, is accused of putting Visine in the drinking water of Thurman Nesbitt, 45, on up to a dozen occasions since June 2009, according to The Associated Press.

Nesbitt’s doctor treated him for years for nausea, blood pressure problems and breathing trouble, according to Pennsylvania state police.

The doctor contacted authorities in June after tetrahydrozoline, a chemical found in the optical solution that can cause irregular heartbeat or chest pain, showed up in Nesbitt’s blood tests.

"She never meant to kill him, [she] only wanted to make him pay more attention to her," police say Mills told them.

If large quantities of the drug are ingested, a person can get seriously ill and suffer from headaches, blurred vision, nausea, breathing problems. The victims can even suffer seizures and fall into a coma.