Thomas lists people involved with Civic Fund. The Fund had Board of Directors. People you described were those persons? Yes.

You described meeting at Manoogian? Yes.

Dining room or kitchen? Think dining room.

Where was that in relation to his leaving office? Very close.

You were aware because of the criminal case part of agreement was to resign? Yes.

What was mood at that point? Sad very sad.

Did you know that he was resigning and was also going to go to jail? Remembers that Kwame plead guilty.

There was a period of 2 weeks where everyone had to get everything together and looked for jobs? Yes.

Then there would be a brief hiatus and he would be sentenced? Yes.

Where you aware where he was going her? He was either going to Texas or here on Woodward.

Where was Carlita going to be? Not certain.

Where you aware if he had any income at that time? No I was not aware.

You indicated you were at a gathering when he got out of jail? It was a gathering to support him. Kwame gave witness cash to pay off credit card bills.

Government objects to Thomas suggesting that something happened. Judge sustains.

Do you know where money came from? No.

Did you see anyone hand him money at that event? No.

Where there lots of people? Family.

Could assume those bills weren't his because he was in jail? Don't recall.

Christine Beatty your half-sister? Yes.

How was she to work for? She was hard.

In a good way? Yes.

Did you work long hours? Yes.

What about her? Yes.

The media and how they were involved subsequent to text message being fair to her? I didn't think they were fair at all.

To Kwame? No.