Checks drafted around time Beatty left? Yes.

Did you know that she was tasked with image of Detroit with voters and education? I don't know.

Do you know Detroit then and Now? Yes.

D KCF- hands document to witness. She recognizes it.

Beatty had put it together. Subsequent to her leaving in 2008.

Can you describe it? Detroit Then and Now. how it was and the works mayor did for the office.

In early 2008, would it have been important for image of mayor addressed for Civic Fund? Yes.

Picture of brochure Detroit Then and Now on overhead.

Thomas says the brochure talked about Kwame, the city, in essence trying to show his accomplishments? Yes.

Still looking at Detroit Then and Now. All positive images? Yes.

One part was about casinos? Yes.

Big picture of Kwame sitting at a desk on overhead.

Witness says that Beatty and mayor couldn't go anywhere in peace.

Where you aware even children were being followed to school? No.

Witness says she can only go by what she saw on the news.

Another picture of Kwame on overhead looks like he is thumping his chest. Looks like he is with Dan Gilbert.

Many positive things happening in the city? Yes.

All at a time when he was under attack? Yes.

Was this book meant to address image of Kwame? I believe so.

And Beatty did the work on this? This wasn't a cut and paste job? I don't think so.

Bullotta goes over to talk to government.

Hands something to witness and asks if she recognizes it? No I do not.

A lot of you testimony has bee either Ayanna or Kwame told you do sign checks? Yes.

And you didn't think anything or improper or illegal in that? Yes.

At the meeting for wrap up of Civic fund, were transition costs discussed? Yes. Moving him from Manoogian Mansion to temporary housing until they actually moved.