Moving expenses again to transport things to Texas? Yes.

What about house in Florida? Don't know.

Didn't it have to be sold? Don't know.

People at the meeting were on Civic Fund committee and they accepted decision for transition costs? Yes.

What about William Phillips? Was he there? I don't remember.

No one was getting paid from Civic Fund? No.

Kwame not paid for Civic Fund? not to my knowledge. Never.

Did you know if he could be paid? No. I didn't have a clear idea of what the Fund did.

Thomas refers back to the articles of incorporation for the Civic fund. AGAIN.

Thomas talks about children's camp. the Quantum Learning aka Super Camp.

This wasn't a camp to go play? Don't know. 

This camp was at a university. With educational activities. Are you aware of any article that prohibits the Kilpatrick and other children of benefiting from the educational purposes? No.

Super Camp check was for $4,500.

When did you end with Civic Fund? After the last check was written.

Was there an issue with hotel bills before? Yes. Heather Masurly, a lawyer. made her aware.

12:04PM Gerald evelyn cross examines.

Where was your desk? Right outside mayor's office.

In the city county building? Yes.

A public building? Yes.

You don't need authorization to get to the 11th floor? Yes.

And then they'd have to see you? Yes. Or front desk.

When you were there, bobby would come from time to time? Every now and then.

Bobby would have to take a seat and wait? Yes.

He wouldn't flash a badge and just go in? Yes.

What was the office of community Affairs? Mayor involoved in that? Yes. Involves different sections of the community. Barbers and churches.