Mayor would go out and people would ask questions? Yes.

Witness says this happened once a month.

Evelyn finishes.

12:06PM John Shea cross examines.

Seems obvious that your tenure was short? Yes.

So started Feb-March 2008? Yes and ended by December 2009.

And your role was fairly limited? Yes.

You had to write checks? Yes.

Didn't do fundraising/ solicitations? Hire contractors or vendors? No.

Acting on direction of someone else? Yes.

Even with checkbook, didn't make regular deposits? No.

Make any? May have made one.

Not balancing check book? No.

Keeping checkbook straight? Yes.

Because you weren't involved in day to day operations you wouldn't know Bernard's role with Civic Fund? Yes.

Whatever he did before you started is historical info you didn't know? That's correct.

You wrote a couple of checks to him in 2008? Correct.

You wouldn't know if he had done work for Civic fund? Correct.

You wouldn't know if he was owed money? Correct.

Hilton Southlake invoices. Exhibit 61 page 7. Top part blown up. You booked this room, 533 2QE. Yes.

You booked room for Carla Kitchen? Yes.

They probably assigned room when Ms. Kitchen checked in? Correct.

Another room booked at the same time? Yes.

Clearly a different room for December 2nd through December 9th? Yes.

What was that additional address? Mine.