Witness says she gave hers because there was no other address to give.

Ayanna directed you to book rooms? Yes.

At this time Kwame is in jail? Yes.

Do you know if Carlita was house shopping? No I don't know.

Do you know if she was doing this at a particular point in time while he was in jail? Yes.

You made reservation for Bernard as well? For December 3rd to December 10th? Yes.

At same place? Yes.

Bernard didn't ask you to make reservation but Ayanna did? Yes.

So it seems that Bernard was accompanying Carlita to house hunt while son was in jail? Yes.

Second reservation in name of Bernard? Yes.

But there is no room number designated? Right.

Here invoice states no show. Do you see that? Yes.

But the room was guaranteed so it was charged? Yes.

Did you ever get explanation why there was another room booked that wasn't used? No.

It does not appear like he was traveling with any companions? Yes I agree.

Not only did Bernard not ask you to make reservation, you never had conversation about it? No.

Where the money would come from? No.

You don't have any knowledge that Bernard knew this was booked with Civic Fund monies? No I do not.

Shea finishes.

No redirects. Witness steps down.

Judge calls 10 minute. Wants to make sure we can get next witness in through cross.

12:31PM Judge reenters courtroom. "Just go ahead and get 'em" says Judge Edmunds. Talking about the jurors.

12:32PM Eric Doeh for government.

Witness takes stand. Sworn in by judge.

Mary Fleming. was a board member of the Manoogian Mansion Restoration Society. Goal of the society to do restoration work when needed. When new mayor comes into office, new furniture purchased.