Manoogian Mansion donated by the Manoogina family to city of the Detroit.

In 2008, were you alerted that Kwame and wife wanted to make furniture purchases? Yes.

Witness says that the furniture had to be assessed. there were 2 assessors and the Kilpatrick family decided what items they wanted.

It was furniture they had chosen when Kwame was mayor. Appraisers came by to see furniture pieces. Fleming thought it would be a good idea to get 2 appraisals of furniture after a family had lived with them.

Witness knew Kwame as state rep and she knew his mom.

Witness assisted Kwame when he ran for office first time. Worked as a volunteer at fund-raising affairs.

Witness says she walked around with Carlita with appraisers and she chose which items she's like to keep.

KCF 73- asks witness if she recognizes exhibit. Says they are items Kilpatricks chose to purchase.

Any discussion how they would be paid for? Yes like previous mayors would write a personal check

How much was it for? $10,821.21.

Witness says he would have Nneka deliver it to me. She worked with the Mansion quite a bit.

You are referring to Nneka Cheeks? Yes. She is his cousin.

Did you receive a checks? Yes. Nneka dropped it off with doorman as promised.

Witness says the check she received was written on Civic Fund check.

Looking at a check on overhead. Dated September 4th 2008 for $10,000.

Witness says when she go the check, she called Kwame and said that she couldn't accept Civic Fund. And he said "I'm sorry, Nneka must have gotten the wrong check."

Did the Mansion have a check book for purchases? Yes they did.

Thomas calls for sidebar.

Rataj objects to are you aware Doeh asks.

Did Nneka Cheeks ask you to sign checks? Yes.

And what did you do? I did.

Witness says she was going out of town and Nneka asked her to pre-sign some checks.

Did Mansion have a debit card? Think I read about it in the paper.

Doeh asks for sidebar.

Do you know whether Nneka Cheeks made any personal purchases with debit card? I don't know for sure.