Did you ever find out that purchases had been made with debit card at Toys R Us? Witness doesn't answer

Did Nneka Cheeks come to you to sign checks? Yes it wasn't very many.

Do you know if purchases were made from Toys R Us? The only way I know I can't talk about because of sidebar.

Did you or the other Mansion board members make purchases at Toys R Us? No

Did you or any of the other board members travel to a golf resort? No.

Thomas objects. Doeh decides to change tack.

Doeh goes back to check. Witness says that Kwame told her it Nneka had it written on wrong check.

Witness says she discussed later with William Phillips. Witness told him that she received check for purchase of Civic Fund. William says"that's good because he is not supposed to use the Civic Fund. I'll call him to talk to him."

At some point did you receive a personal checks? It went directly to a law firm.

So you never saw personal check? It didn't go to me. But he did do it.

So what happened to first $10,000 check on Civic Fund? Witness says she gave it to doorman and assumed that Nneka picked up.

Witness says that Kwame said he would donate check to Manoogian Mansion Restoration Society.

Had you received a check before from Kwame for the Manoogian Society? I didn't but I don't know if he'd done it before.

Did Mr. Kilpatrick purchase furniture? Yes he did. 

12:56PM Thomas cross examines.

When Mansion first occupied where you involved with Manoogian Mnasion? Yes.

Do you remember what it looked like after Archers moved out? Vaguely.

Better after Kilpatricks moved in? Yes.

Mayors pick out things for Mansion? Yes they do.

Witness says they had an interior decorator help out Kilpatricks.

At the end of administration outgoing mayors had option to buy? Yes.

You had no reason to think appraisal wasn't accurate? Yes.

You asked for check? Yes.

You talked to Nneka about it? Talked to mayor and said Nneka would deliver it.

Nneka delivered Civic fund check and what did Kwame say? That nneka had written it on wrong account.