Did you ask about the fact that he was also with his family? No, I just assumed at the time he was with his family. "In hindsight, I would have asked a lot more nosy questions" but "you don't grill your boss."

Did you know what the Civic Fund was before the media event was? I knew it existed. Didn't know what it did.

Witness says he didn't know any of rules or restrictions of the Civic Fund.

Did Kwame's relationship get any better as time wore on? "No the wheels fell off the cart after trial." Witness is referring to the whistle blower trial in late 2007.

Did you think the media was fair? No.

9:31AM Michael Bullotta redirects.

Where there meetings where it was just Kwame and Emma Bell? Yes.

You were a member of the media of Detroit for a while? Yes.

Apart from Wilson allegedly posing as the mayor, do you think it was appropriate to investigate the mayor using a city issued credit card? "Absolutely."

Did you feel misled by Kwame? "I felt like there was incremental exposure...In the grand scheme of things didn't think it was best approach."

9:34 AM Thomas redirects.

Did your relationship improve after that? Yes. But I would say I was more careful.

Witness says he loved the job and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity "but you have to move forward."

Witness steps down. What a squirrely guy.

9:35AM Government calls April Edgar.

Michael Bullotta for the government. Judge swears her in.

Currently works as secretary for Health Alliance Plan and also assists husband. Works for marketing department at Health alliance. Went to Villanova online for project management.

Christine Beatty is her sister, she was Chief of Staff for the mayor. Witness worked for the mayor. Has also worked for Detroit Medical Center, Detroit Public schools assisting transportation director, also the Detroit Building Authority.

Did you get new job in 2006? Yes working as mayor's scheduler.

Witness scheduled meetings and travel. Directed 2 ladies in the office.

As scheduler, did Kwame have computerized schedule? Yes under group wise.

How long did you work as scheduler? From 2006 until the day he left office in the fall of 2008.

Did mayor ever schedule on his own? From time to time, yes.

In March 2008, did something happened with Christine Beatty? Yes she resigned.

At the time, did you learn about the Kilpatrick Civic Fund? Yes. I knew about it before she left. But when she left, i was asked to become a signer.