Who asked you? The mayor.

Did the mayor explain to you the purpose of the Fund? No. I didn't know anything about it.

Witness says former mayor told her it was for the community and educational purposes.

Edgar had to go to Bank of America and sign her name on.

KCF 46- it's a Bank of America signature card.

Witness went to the branch downtown in the Guardian building. Went there with Kandia Milton, he was assuming Chief of Staff at the time.

Witness recognizes her signature, Kandia's and William Phillips.

Did you learn that to sign check, there had to be certain number of signatories? Yes, there had 2 be 2 people.

The three who could sign were April Edgar, Kandia Milton and William Phillips.

KCF 47- 2 Civic Fund checks to Maiyen Consulting LLC, Beatty's company.

Witness recognizes signature on check. March 12th 2008 is date, around time Edgar was taking over.

Check is for $50,000. Memo line says Services March 15th-Dec 15th

what did Kwame says about this expense? Nothing said it was ok.

Do you see $60,000 check? Yes.

Who signed it? Witness says mine and Kandia's.

Dated March 26th 2008.

Check filled out with Beatty's handwriting. Memo says its retainer for services from March through December.

KCF 47A- witness looks at document. do you recognize a bank of America slip for $69,636.88 on July 9th 2008.

Cashier's check purchased with civic Fund money to American Mailer's. Purchased by Edgar and Kandia. for brochures that discussed what mayor had done for the city.

Another check to Inland Press for $75,500 on May 14th, 2008.

Another check for $49,500 to Inland Press on July 7rth 2008. both signed by her and Kandia.

When did you sign checks? Witness says usually he would sign first and then I would sign.

Witness says mayor also asked Kandia to sign some checks ahead of time.

Those large check to Inland Press and American Mailer's, did mayor approve those? Yes.

KCF 48- check to the Four Seasons. Check for $1,150 dated March 31st 2008.