Witness says that the mayor asked her to do it from the Civic Fund.

What would you do with checks after you filled them out? Send them by overnight FEDEX.

KCF 49- FEDEX USA airbill. Was sending it to the Four Seasons in Irving, Texas.

Witness says she did it because mayor told her to and overnighted it.

Witness looking at an invoice from Four Seasons- KCF 50.

Four Seasons Resort and Club Las Colinas in Irving, Texas.

Invoice lists spa and salon and room service and valet parking

Room rate is $250. Spa and salon charge is $215. Note that says 1 of 2 rooms of the reservation- metions to hold the room under credit card and await arrival of check from assistant.

Deep tissue massage ($140) and spa manicure- 2 gratuities of 20 dollars.

KCF 51- Witness looks over document. It's another check to the Ballantyne Resort for $964.65 on April 25th 2008. Witness doesn't remember if it was pre-signed. Rsort is in Charlotte, NC.

KCF 52- FEDEX invoice to resort.

KCF 53- Invoice from Ballantyne Resort, a luxury collection hotel. Guest lists Mr. Kevin Kitchen. At the times, witness says she would put anonymous names for mayor because of what he was going through with the media. But Mayor came up with this one

Deposit applied in amount of $964.65.

3 spa visits $108 and another for $252.

KCF - check to Super Camp.

1 Check for $4,500 for Kilaptrick's sons and Jeff Beasley son Chase. Dated April 3rd 2008.

KCF 63- FEDEX receipt for the check sent to Super Camp.

KCF 64- Invoices related to Super Camp. On Quantum Learning Network letter head. Addressed to Southlake, TX. Relates to the Kilpatrick boys and Chase Beasley.

In May 2008, a few months before mayor resigned, did you write checks to Maestro? Yes

KCF 55- check for #0,000 on May 1st, 2008. To Maestro Associates. Signed by Edgar and Kandia.

Why did you write this check? Because mayor told me to.

You aware of anything Berbard did for Civic Fund? No

October 29th 2008 date on another check for $20,000 to Maestro and Associates. A day after Kwame went to jail.

Witness says she doesn't remember who told her to write the check. after Kwame went to jail, Ayanna took over what check to write from Civic Fund.

Do you know how Ayanna got her directions? No I don't.