Did you ever feel uncomfortable writing these checks? Towards the end I did.

Defense objects.

You ever question whether Bernard did anything to earn $50,000? No I didn't.

Do you know if Kwame was aware that Ayanna was directing? Not for certain, I think, but not for certain.

Looking KCF 54- 3 checks. Witness recognizes that she signed them.

1. Date May 1st 2008 to Impact strategies, Judy Smith crisis management company for $30,000.

2. Dated July 9th 2008 to Impact Strategies. $40,464.28.

3. Dated October 29th 2008. to Impact Philanthropy. $25,000. Judy Smith gave invoice to the witness.

All Civic Fund checks.

KCF 56- another check.

Dated May 12th 2008 to Marriott Legacy Town Center for $982.

Sent the check FEDEX: KCF 57. Sent to the hotel in Plano Texas.

KCF 58- Invoice for the hotel. Carla Kitchen listed as saying at the hotel. It was Carlita staying there. Mayor came up with the name. Had asked witness to make reservation. Doesn't know why Calita was going to Texas. Looks like a 4 night stay.

Another name on receipt for Southfield is listed as Wesley Ferguson. Witness doesn't remember making reservation. Check number is 2283, Civic Fund check.

KCF 59- another check to Hilton Southlake Hotel.

Did you write series of checks there? Yes.

Check dated September 12th 2008 for $5,180. Memo lists confirmation #.

Exhibit 61. Hotel bill at Hilton Southlake.

Looking at page 2. Arrival date September 18th through September 28th. Witness doesn't remember who was going. Believes she took directions from Ayanna.

Do you know Mahlon clift? Yes.

Did you make arrangement for him to stay there? No.

Looking at document again. May 31st through June 3rd 2008. For Carlita.

Do you know why she was going to Dallas? No.

KCF 59- page 3. Additional checks to Hilton Southlake.

Check for $1,735 dated November 28th 2008 for 2 rooms.